Saint Christopher’s Inn, satan inside

Saint Christopher’s Inns (Beds & Bars)

Ok, so first of all, take a look at the front door of this hostel, you can clearly see the 666 pedophile logo (this hostel is in barcelona)

You need to get the mark of the beast on your hand to get inside (picture I took myself in Paris)

keithKeith Knowles CEO and Founder
Keith Knowles is the CEO and founder of Beds & Bars. He is also Chairman of the Perceptions group, working to support and encourage the development of long-term career paths for young people in the industry. Keith’s father began working in public houses in 1960 as a manager for J.T. Davis (now Brakspear’s) and then formed R.C. Knowles and Sons (now Interpub) in 1964. Later, after being inspired by the Investors in People initiative, Keith decided to diversify the family business with a focus on backpackers as a conduit to markets abroad and business opportunities beyond bars. Today he runs a company led by his late wife, Franca Knowles which takes an annual turnover of £60 million. Heavily involved in charity work, Keith is a proud supporter of the Team Margot Foundation as well as a number of youth charities across the UK. He is a keen skier and rugby fan, an RNHF Ambassador, a qualified commercial Yacht Master and GA Pilot. He lives in Hammersmith and has three children.

Below are the paintings you see on the Barcelona Saint Christopher’s Inn’s walls, they are made by two local artists called BROSMIND (bros-mind), they seem to love hotdogs (one is impaled on the picture), Cheese and Pizza, among other masonic hidden symbols.


Here are some other artworks they made


You can see an one-eyed ace of spade (which means death in masonry) riding a hotdog who is also bleeding, on the right something that looks like a dismembered body on a checkerboard



All the pictures below were taken inside of the different Saint Christopher’s Inns all over the West (England, France, Holland …)



the guy who drew the red cross seems to go to lots of pizzeria …


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