The truth about the French New Right

Alain de Benoist

Alain de Benoist, founder of GRECE, is a french intellectual, leader of the French New Right with his GRECE movement (Group of Research and Study of the European Civilisation)

His so called « thought » can be summarized in a few lines :

« In my eyes, the enemy is not « the left » or « communism », or even « subversion », but indeed this egalitarian ideology whose formulations, religious or secular, metaphysical or supposedly « scientific » , Have not stopped blooming for two thousand years, whose « ideas of 1789″ were only a stage and whose present subversion and communism are the inevitable culmination. »

(source : Vu de droite. Anthologie critique des idées contemporaines, Paris, Éditions Copernic, 1977, p. 16.)

With the French New Right, antisemitism is nothing but a pretext to loathe Christianity. In facts, the jews are almost never attacked by them contrary to the jews and net-pagans common enemy Jesus. Logically, neo-pagans display rather deviant behavior and are far removed from Christian morality, in the image of the depraved (false) clergy or Jewry that they are supposed to loathe.

5hvrsQMxHervé Ryssen, French nationalist writer, in his article about Alain de Benoist (« Alain de Benoist et les hommes qui tournent en rond« ) :

Alain de Benoist is the main intellectual of the pagan movement in France. For thirty years he has been a philosopher, he has never ceased to denounce Christian monotheism and the Catholic Church, in order to better exalt the polytheism of antiquity, its tolerance, its respect for the human person and its Vision of the cyclical world, which would preserve its adepts from all fanaticism.

On the Boulevard Voltaire website, dated June 9, 2014, Alain de Benoist explains that we must be kind and tolerant. Listen to him crying over the poor victims of the Crusaders and the Inquisition:

« Christianity wants to be a » religion of love « , but history abounds in acts of intolerance which it has inspired or approved. Let us not forget either the conclusion of the parable of the mines (« As for my enemies, bring them here and slay them in my presence », Luke 19:27), nor the terrible exegesis made by St. Augustine from Luke 14:23 (« Compent them to enter! »). This type of intolerance has always been foreign to paganism. »

He finishes his article by weaving laurels to Camel Bechikh, of association « Fils de France »: the same one who plastered on the giant screens of the UMP (French Republican Party) to the Manif pour tous (protest against gay marriage) of 2 of February of 2014, while the French patriots were closely monitored nearby by the service of order of the bourgeois right and considered as undesirables.

If Alain de Benoist loathes Christianity and the Catholic Church, he never, on the other hand, ever dared to draw a single hair from the beard of a rabbi. This is why today the French Pagan-Nazi movement has the uniqueness of being the only one in Europe to be globally judéo-compatible, even frankly judéo-positive.

871542-henry-de-lesquen-5Henry de Lesquen, French nationalist politician, in his article « An impostor named Alain de Benoist » :

1. Alain de Benoist is a compiler. He never had any original idea.

 2. Alain de Benoist impresses by the extent of his memory, which the naive takes for intelligence. He has that of the authors whom he pillages.

 3. Immigrationist, Islamophile, Third Worldist, Europeanist, Alain de Benoist has not stopped drooling on « the extreme right » and the F.N.

 4. Overwhelmed with hatred for the French nation and Western civilization, Alain de Benoist is objectively cosmopolitan.

 5. Cosmopolitan racist tendency, Alain de Benoist secretly maintains the pure SS doctrine transmitted by Giorgio Locchi and Olier Mordrel.

 6. The very cosmopolitan Alain de Benoist strives to undermine France’s identity through hatred of Christianity and authentic traditions.

 7. The relativism Alain de Benoist claims to attack universalism is the false nose of his cosmopolitanism.

 8. Alain de Benoist and his bootcutters have, in good cosmopolitans, a predilection for sneering sarcasms.

 9. When you get caught up in the mire of ideas, you are not right, not even a so-called « new right. » Collectivist and cosmopolitan, Alain de Benoist is on the left.

 10. Alain de Benoist is the guru of a sect that leads him into the dead end of anti-France and the anti-Christ.

Conclusion. It is time to send the very cosmopolitan Alain de Benoist into the trash bins of the history of ideas.

Alain de Benoit is also a close friend of Gabriel Matzneff, a pedophile writer about whom he declared :

« That a writer declares, as the most natural thing in the world, that he prefers the carnal intercourse of the very young to the classical turpitudes of his contemporaries, and there is no more – in the midst of a permissive society – to pass for the Devil in the Parisian bourgeois society ».

He approached also Guy Hocquenghem, also for the abolition of the sexual majority, who draws a portrait of him in Liberation, « The New Right, against, all-against, » creating stir in part of the daily newspaper.

matzneffGabriel Matzneff is a « right-wing anarchist », as they say, a mild euphemism for actually designating an assumed pedocriminal:

« To sleep with a child is a hierophanic experience, a baptismal trial, a sacred adventure. The field of consciousness widens, the « flaming ramparts of the world » (Lucretius) retreat. »

« Lovingly, what I see in Asia is much less than I live in France, even if the little boys of eleven or twelve years that I put here in my bed are a rare pepper. Yes, a chilli, but only a chili: a spice, not the main dish. »

Close to the « enlightened » monarchist circles and the New Right, he has collaborated throughout the course of his career with numerous press organs, he is currently remunerated by « Le Point » (heading « le diable dans le bénitier » A whole program) or « Le Figaro », having received the prestigious Renaudot prize for his « work », a compilation of stories making the apology of pedophilia.

He is also a close friend of Alain Soral.

He attaches great importance to mysticism, especially Russian Orthodox, and attempts to reconcile its roots in the Russian faith with its aspiration for liberty and libertinism.

Gabriel Matzneff claims for himself the qualification of « pederast », a « lover of children ». He also denounces the fact that the « erotic charm of the young boy » is denied by modern Western society « which rejects the pederast into non-being, kingdom of shadows ». He adds further: « The two most sensual beings I have known in my life are a boy of twelve and a girl of fifteen. »

For Matzneff, « curiously, the love of kids is in people’s minds linked to the idea of violence. For them, a satyr can only be a sadist. (…) A child can not dispose of his heart, his body, his love or his kisses. A child belongs to his parents and masters. It is they who have the exclusive use of it. Yet it is us who these nauseous figures portray as a minor.  » He adds that « any person who loves kids can testify that they dredge firmly or (which comes to the same) excellent in the art of getting dredged. (…) Just recently (…) I got myself approached rue Gay-Lussac, Paris, by a little kid of a dozen years who perhaps wanted to pay him the cinema, but who especially wanted something else. There are kids who are very wise, that’s right, but there are also kids who are very whores. »

Commenting on a story in which a fifty-year-old man had abused girls aged between eleven and fifteen years, Matzneff believes that « there is not a man normally constituted who reads the crusty narrative of Lovers of Tonton Lucien without having a hard-on and thinking that he would have liked to be in his place. »

« Everyone gives what he has, the bird his song, the flower his perfume, the creator his work, the cook his good food, the wise old man his wisdom, the rich his money , The beautiful child its beauty. In addition, if there is violence, the violence of the bill that is slipped into the pocket of jeans or pants (short) is nevertheless a gentle violence. It is not necessary to transport. We saw worse. »

imgres-2An also well-known of the French New Right authors is Guillaume Faye. Faye also seem to enjoy sex with children, according to what he said in « Gaie France », a homosexual magazine owned by Michel Caignet, a pedocriminal ring leader and member of Aleister Crowley’s sect Ordo Templi Orientis :

« I think that Californian homosexuality is a considerable impoverishment of the pederasty and the warlike homosexuality of the Ancients. It seems to me to be relatively perverse … All sexual behavior seems acceptable to me. The problem is the use of pleasures as practice and affirmation of oneself. The moderns condemn pederasty but through it, what they condemn is a pagan and inegalitarian conception of sexuality and a system of transmission of values that competes with theirs. Condemn pederasty: in the name of what ? »

An other thing about the New Right movement is that they militated within the ranks of the French Far Right in favor of the abortion law during the national debate that predated the passing of the Aborton Law during the 1975 :

By advocating the legalization of abortion, GRECE adopts an original position in the landscape of French rights, radically moving away from both the National Front and the national-Catholic movement. Conservative, for under the aegis of a new reflection on a « differentialist » feminism, it finally only endorses the old idea of a patriarchal society in which women are essentially limited to the procreation and education of children. The rejection of the positions of the Church of Rome in matters of manners embodies the link between these two characteristics.


GRECE, defending [female emancipation], will publish severe comments against the Catholic positions and the values defended by the Encyclical [Humanae Vitae condemning abortion, described as « an abominable crime. »]

(Source : Olivier Moos Les intellectuels de la Nouvelle Droite et la religion Histoire et idéologie d’un antichristianisme de droite(1968-2001)

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