Coronavirus is a FRAUD Covid-19 is a HOAX

I can assure you that the Coronavirus is a huge scam, To put it simply, in order to have a proper diagnosis ot this sickness, you need a test that is called RT-PCR (which is not even 100% legit but that is not the point here), the problem being that it takes time to do it and it is just impossible to test everybody in so-called pandemic situation, when all the people who start to fear they might have the covid-19 are rushing in the hospitals, so, and it is official :

« Due to the time required for RT-PCR and the limited number of devices and the capacity of these devices, rapid diagnostic scores are published based on age, gender, temperature, images and the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio »

( From the French Wikipedia page about the Coronavirus 2019 epidemic :…/Maladie_à_coronavirus_2019 « En raison du temps nécessaire pour faire un RT-PCR et du nombre limité d’appareil ainsi que de la capacité de ces appareils, des scores de diagnostic rapide sont publiés en se basant sur l’âge, le sexe, la température, les images radiologiques, et le rapport neutrophile sur lymphocyte » )

There is something else i want to point out, each year they say that, in France for instance, an average of 9000 persons die from Influenza, officially, but they admit that in fact, they don’t really know wether these persons die of Influenza, SARS, MERS, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or from common cold … Basically, all these illnesses are those who are precisely confused with the Covid-19 and make it necessary to do RT-PCR test in order to make sure what illness it is and what treatment should be used. This means that an average of 9000 thousand people in France alone die each year from all theses types of sicknesses, including some sort of Coronaviruses (SARS and MERS are Coronaviruses too), and we say that they die from Influenza ! So what could be easier than saying that instead of dying from Influenza, they die from Covid-19, this year ? Because that is exactly what they’re doing : « Conversely, the figure of 18,300 [from the 2014-2015 French winter] is the result of an overestimation. How was it calculated?

« In the absence of an epidemic, the mortality curve follows a periodic movement, which includes a winter peak. Using this model, we identify all the additional deaths that occur during an influenza epidemic and we attribute them to influenza, explains Professor Boëlle. Certainly, there are methodological biases and significant discrepancies between the data. But it’s the best statistical estimate we have right now. ” An approach adopted by all European countries. « 

( « À l’inverse, le chiffre de 18 300 [durant l’hiver 2014-2015 en France] est, lui, le fruit d’une surestimation. Comment a-t-il été calculé? «En l’absence d’épidémie, la courbe de mortalité suit un mouvement périodique, qui comprend un pic hivernal. À partir de ce modèle, on recense tous les décès supplémentaires qui surviennent en période d’épidémie grippale et on les attribue à la grippe, explique le Pr Boëlle. Certes, il y a des biais méthodologiques et des écarts importants entre les données. Mais c’est la meilleure estimation statistique dont nous disposons actuellement.» Une approche d’ailleurs adoptée par tous les pays européens. » )

Let me get this straight : during the winter 2014-2015, 18300 people die supposedly from Influenza, that is twice the yearly average, which seems to be quite enormous, no one back then said there was any kind of pandemia. Yet, only 150 people might have died from Covid-19 this year (which we can’t even know) but the country is in a crisis situation.

This is all a lie serving a hidden agenda, no doubt about it.

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