The truth about the French New Right

Alain de Benoist

Alain de Benoist, founder of GRECE, is a french intellectual, leader of the French New Right with his GRECE movement (Group of Research and Study of the European Civilisation)

His so called « thought » can be summarized in a few lines :

« In my eyes, the enemy is not « the left » or « communism », or even « subversion », but indeed this egalitarian ideology whose formulations, religious or secular, metaphysical or supposedly « scientific » , Have not stopped blooming for two thousand years, whose « ideas of 1789″ were only a stage and whose present subversion and communism are the inevitable culmination. »

(source : Vu de droite. Anthologie critique des idées contemporaines, Paris, Éditions Copernic, 1977, p. 16.)

With the French New Right, antisemitism is nothing but a pretext to loathe Christianity. In facts, the jews are almost never attacked by them contrary to the jews and net-pagans common enemy Jesus. Logically, neo-pagans display rather deviant behavior and are far removed from Christian morality, in the image of the depraved (false) clergy or Jewry that they are supposed to loathe.

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